Wednesday, January 09, 2013


I need to start writing more, engelis standard sudah jatuh manyak manyak....

Lets start with, my new passion, it's the boring sports called, FISHING! WEE!!!!!!

I've been fishing with Janson and Chun Eng, roughly once a month? Lets just say we are unlucky fishermen, usually catching nothing for long periods of time, and when we finally hook something, line snaps la, reel break la, rod broke too! SAKAI!

That said, we do have breaks, such as......
Success do come with a price, dropped my handphone into the sea............. stop laughing!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Travels and Work!

August/ September/ October...
Three of the busiest months for me! I'll start with a recap
August - Visited Anne in Shenzhen (I know I know, again right?). In short, we didn't do much, besides food, food and more food.......

Told ya it was all food! Those stuff, sinful my friend, absolutely sinful!

Aite, next up,
September - Took my parents and 2 friends to HK/SZ/HK/MACAU/HK/SZ. Need to use some abbreviations man, else it would be something like hong kong -> shenzhen -> hong kong -> macau -> hong kong -> shenzhen.

This trip, slightly more eventful.
It all started with a trip to Shenzhen's very own 'Smart school', we were granted entry due to connections by daddy's friend, Mr Jimmy Khou, a scientist himself.

 After that, makan again lor! Anne introduce us to a restaurant where, the food is 'So So' la, but the performance, that's the pulling factor. Sorry man, couldn't find pictures to match the description.

Next up, hong kong... one expensive, over-hyped, over-crowded place..... don't really like it, but there are some highlights.

The food ain't that fantastic, like I said, over-hyped, over-priced.....
Then there's Macau.........

 And, back to hong kong..... this time, to ocean world! lol


Big fat giant panda

Chinese giant salamander... YUCKS!

Geesh, not much comments on pictures, that's cause........ not in a mood for it